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To obtain membership of ELSA Athens must complete the following membership application. After completion you will receive in your email confirmation that the application was received and will contact you directly for additional information regarding the completion of the registration process.

Attention! By sending your request registration not completed. It requires the payment of the annual subscription (15 euro). Details of the deposit you will receive our answer. If you do not receive an answer within 3 days please send us an email to athens@elsa-greece.org.

Αίτηση Εγγραφής Μέλους ELSA Athens

* Υποχρεωτικό πεδίο


Regular Members the association can be made by students studying at the Law School of Athens, and Law Graduates by age 30 years, who are enrolled in the Faculty at the graduate level or serve as interns in a law firm or are enrolled in the Bar Association in Greece or pursue any activity related to the above object of study.
Extraordinary members may be people who do not belong to the above categories, but students or scientists in their cognitive object associated with the law, students or scientists similar, In this, industries or individuals with a proven interest in the Union.