ELSA Athens

The Elsa Athens

The ELSA (European Law Students’ Association) is an international, independent, non-profit and non-political Union, addressed to law students, trainees and young lawyers. Η Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση Νέων Νομικών Αθήνας (ELSA Athens) is the local branch of ELSA in Athens and is active at the Law School of the University of Athens.

The purpose of ELSA Athens is to provide an opportunity for students of the Law School of Athens, but in young lawyers to take part in academic activities, seminars and conferences, and the internship program abroad through the program STEP (Students’ Trainee Exchange Programme). Moving in this direction has organized various activities (conferences, workshops, educational visits, legal research groups etc.) with the aim of contributing to the development of new media in a legal environment cultivating their international understanding and professional skills, to give them the opportunity to experience other cultures and legal systems in the spirit of critical dialogue and scientific cooperation, always respecting the vision of ELSA: a just world with respect for human rights and cultural diversity!

The ELSA Athens was founded in 2002 as a legal person under associative form. Today it around 200 members. Members are defining action, both the participation and creativity and also to pay an annual fee, which is the main source of income of the association.

We invite you to browse our new website, to experience the action of ELSA Athens and become part of this.

The statutes of ELSA Athens: elsa athens statute